Learn to Research – now bilingual


Website, online course and textbook are now available in English.

Changes in our website

Choice of language

1. Page view: one click takes it all

You can switch between the German and English pages by clicking on DE or EN next to the search magnifier in the top right-hand corner of the website.

Identical page offers are accessed directly. 

Since the English version does not show some areas (e.g. there are no webinar offers there), they cannot be accessed; instead, you will then reach the English start page.


2. Let it read aloud: depending on the operating system

The speaker change from German to English is linked to the language selection of your computer's operating system. 

In the German-speaking system, however, reading out English texts does not sound good - and vice versa. Therefore, we recommend changing the operating system to the desired language if you need to use our read aloud service. 

Changes in our online course


All texts also in English language

The complete course is now available in English - only the instructional videos remain in German, but are subtitled.

The online version of the corresponding chapter in the textbook, which is available at the end of each chapter, has also been translated into English.  

Changes in our instructional videos


The existing online lectures are and will remain the basis, but they are now additionally provided with German and English subtitles.

To activate your subtitles:

1. YouTube videos

Switch on the subtitles under the left symbol (underlined in red = on) and select the desired language via the settings symbol next to it.  


2. Interaktive videos

To the right of the Timeline, you will see three dots below each other. After clicking on it, three large settings are shown - in the middle: "Video Subtitle". 

If this does not appear in the middle at the first time, clicking on the three points again will help.


Then select the desired language in the upper left corner. 


The interactivities (quizzes etc.) themselves are only available in German!


Changes in our textbook


The German version is now available in the 2nd edition. Following her the English edition was build. 

The respective version is offered in the corresponding language area of our website.

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