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Your path to successful scientific work


You lack the basic knowledge of scientific work? So you can't use it successfully yet?

Here you will find numerous information, webinars and special online courses that will take you further.

Our motto is: Science is when someone - using scientific methods - creates new knowledge.

Therefore, our aim is to promote a fundamentally researching, investigative attitude and approach.

Starting scientific work together

Overcome your deficits – we help you to

Do you prefer to study at home on your computer? Do you need learning groups or even personal support?

We are happy to support you with our FAQ on scientific work and our online course.

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Our FAQ on scientific working


For more than seven years you have been asking us questions about scientific work. We answer!

Several hundred thousand answers have already been found in our FAQ database.

Many entries have long since been updated and supplemented.


Online course


Your own lecture hall - at home and on the go


Research can be learned. After working through the necessary lessons and after your own practice you will soon be able to head for your goal yourself.

  • Our #lern2researchMOOC (a Massive Open Online Course) makes you fit for truly scientific work.

This course is available to you at any time free of charge for your self-study.

He offers you video and text lessons as well as quizzes. Thus, it does not replace a university degree, as for example at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln. Because only there can you be offered support, the execution of a university performance (e.g. housework) and their examination.




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Your approach


Get on the way with us


1. Make a decision

You're not going to write about something anymore – you want to investigate something.

This is how you actually get to scientific work.

2. Get involved

You can train yourself with our consistently designed learning materials.

In doing so, you discover your own potentials.

3. Let go

It releases enormously to discover its way and to experience itself with the first steps.

Old ways of thinking fade, your science strengthens you.

4. Prove yourself

Your methodological competence allows you to achieve valid and usable results from now on.

Your results now enable better decisions.



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